How do you move past the worst thing to ever happen in your life?

In 1985, Kathleen lost her brother Eddie, an American soldier, at the hands of the Red Army Faction (RAF), a German leftist terrorist organization. Now, decades later, she decides to seek out the group responsible for his murder. “The Worst Thing” (German title: “To Germany, With Love”) follows Kathleen as she travels to Germany to make peace with aging former members of the RAF. A crime story and a psychological drama, the documentary unfolds through the eyes of filmmaker Desireena Almoradie, Kathleen’s childhood friend. As Kathleen searches for some form of connection with former terrorists, memories are retold, intentions are uncovered, and remorse and redemption manifest in unexpected ways.

“The Worst Thing” provides an intimate window into the long-term friendship between two queer women of color and shows how their experience of the world allows new possibilities of forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation.

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“This personal story, and the history of the RAF, feels even-handed and historically accurate, without any ideological eagerness or tabloid drama – something that German cinema has yet to achieve. Kathleen seeks understanding, and the film accompanies her in her search, without judgment or voyeurism, and without condemning the former RAF members being interviewed. The film pulls us close without being intrusive, offers emotional depth without becoming sentimental…It is an all-around accomplished film that illustrates the necessity and the difficulties of Restorative Justice.”                            

-Theresa Bullmann, TOA Magazine